Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What's been happening

I have been having quiet a hard time this year and my depression has been really bad, it started with a phone call in January from a Detective in Newcastle about an incident that happened to me when I was 14, well I had to meet with the detectives and give my statement all over again which brought out all the demons and bad things I've been hiding in the back of my brain. 
I have been having more bad days then good days this year, I have tried thinking positive but some days are just too hard . I have changed doctors as the one I was seeing didn't really seem interested in helping me, I am now seeing a new doctor and he has changed my meds, put my on a mental health care plan and has referred me to a psychologist. I can't get in to see the psychologist till Friday 28th November but its a start. My new doctor said its a long time coming and I should of been referred to a psychologist a long time ago. 
I am now doing my Project Life in a 6x8 album and going to do our New Zealand trip and my brother's wedding in a 12x12 album, I've also started doing art journaling and some layouts again. 

 I will be sharing more of how I feel as I think it will help me get through some bad days, I will also share my PL pages, art journaling pages and layouts. 

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