Monday, July 14, 2014

An Interview with.......

Kellie Winnell

Location: Australia

Blog/website address: Give a Girl a Blog -

I actually have a few hobbies, but it all boils down to creativity and crafts.  Lately I am loving knitting.  Learning something new every week.  As to what you can do with a garter stitch.  One day I will learn another.  Loving weaving.  Of course my project life and project my life play a huge roll in my hobby and life.

When did you start scrapping and/or smashing and Project Life?
I started paper crafting in 2006.  From there I went to scrapbooking to cardmaking, to cardmaking in more detail with coloured images, to scrapbooking, to smash books, to project life.  I now try and do a little of everything and not just restrict myself to the one paper craft, as I used to.

What do you like about scrapping and/or smashing and Project Life?
I've always loved being creative since I was a little girl.  I love project life and other paper crafts as it allows me to still have that same love as an adult.

Who are the main people in your pages?
The main people always featured are my girls and myself, add in our dog as well.  I am married, some might be surprised, but he hates photographs and so rarely makes an appearance.

Who inspires you?
I honestly don't just have the one person that inspires me, but many.  

What’s your favourite quote?
A day without laughter, is a day wasted.

What’s one piece of advice you would give?
Be yourself.  Take inspiration from people, but be yourself.

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