Monday, January 20, 2014

So much happening

This year I plan on blogging more and just letting everything out of my head.
This month has had its up and downs already, was going pretty good, till I got a call from a detective in Newcastle in regards to an incident that happened to me when I was 14, so 25 years ago, her call was so unexpected and brought back some really bad memories. I met with her and her partner on the 15th & 16th January, on the Wednesday mum came with me and they separated us and one took mum's statement while the other took mine, on Thursday dad came with me and he gave his statement to one of them while I finished giving my statement to the other detective. I was so mentally and emotionally drained at the end of both days and all the bad memories had come up again and brought to the front, I had put it all in the back of my mind till then. I now just have to wait to find out when the trial will be and go to court.
This year I decided I was going to do Project Life properly and instead of monthly do weekly, I am really enjoying it and am up to date, here are my spreads up to week 3

Also there is a new challenge up over at Scrap the Girls, with a really easy sketch, I decided to do a layout about my One Little Word, Nourish. Which I'm finding really is the right word for me this year, here is my layout

Also there is a new challenge over at The Scrapbooking Hut, the challenge is to scrap a layout about your pet, here is my layout

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Hall of Indulgence said...

What a shame to have to drag a harrowing memory back from the past. Let;s hope justice is served. Your pages look great. What a productive creative time you are having.

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